Why Working Retail Actually Sucks

Summer jobs are always hard to come by; so when you actually nail an interview and get the job you tend to jump on it the moment the employer says they want you. I’ve worked retail since December and let me tell you, I hate it more everyday. I have had experience working in a mall and that job itself was fine, but I hated seeing people I knew all the time. I recently got a new job at a clothing store back in May. I walk into work and pretty much tell myself “This is what Hell looks like.” Not because the job sucks, but rather which person is going to piss me off or what level of boredom I can achieve for the day.


Parks and Recreation – NBC

My job title is sales associate not your personal bitch to yell at. My job description does not include setting product prices or sales. I am simply there to make sure the store is organized, volume pull for any size that isn’t out on the floor, checkout your items for you, clean at the end of a night and help you find something. Seems simple enough right.

To further explain why retail sucks, I’ve roughed up a list for you all. Continue reading


“The Bachelorette” Explained By An Old Fashioned Girl

Andi, Kaitlyn, JoJo, Emily, Ashley, the list goes on. I recently decided to watch an episode of The Bachelorette because it was filmed at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort. Nemacolin is a place I have heard lots about in the past year. Last summer my sister landed her first big girl adult job at Nemacolin Woodlands.

Shout out to the big sis, you’re doing great champ keep the good work up.

Anyways, I have never been to Nemacolin Woodlands because it’s a luxury resort and college students usually cannot afford those kind of rates to stay in a place like that! I had heard of this luxury resort but never had I seen it. So I decided to flip on the TV and watch the one singular episode of The Bachelorette. Never have I ever watched such a show like this that really made me think a lot about relationships and how wrong this show was.


If you don’t know what this show is here’s a briefing on it. The show is based on one woman who wants to find her true love. There are 25 men that are chosen to be contestants on the show to fight for the one spot in the woman’s heart. The filming for this show lasts approximately a month? Two months? Put it this way, from what I have found out, JoJo was picked for the part and then filming started a week later in March. The show premiered on May 23rd. So you expect love to happen that quickly? Please try to explain that concept to me. Let me give you some other reasons why I disagree with this show. Continue reading

Don’t Give Up On Your Dreams

I had a dream once. The best kind of dreams to have are the kind that fall into your hands and you just have it without actually dreaming of it. You realize what you have is the best that it could ever be. The sad part about my dream was I didn’t realize I had it until it was gone. Continue reading

I’ve Been Ghosted By My Best Friend

I used to think that being best friends forever with my high school best friend was a thing that was stable in my life. I thought we would be best friends all through college and stand by each other’s side on our wedding day as each other’s maid of honor. That dream faded into something that no longer exists.

My best friend and I had been friends since 4th grade, all through middle school and highs school. Our friendship lasted through my first year of college and then as I rolled into my sophomore year of college she ghosted me. Continue reading

Life Lessons That Zootopia Taught Us

Abigail, aka Gail, and I are known to go see movies on $5 Tuesday nights at our local Cinemark Theater. Last week we went to see Zootopia and to many people it may have been just another animated movie, but it was so much more than that. Sure maybe its supposed to be a kids movie but I don’t give a flying rat’s butt because it was great. This movie just a shit show of stereotypes and social issues and I love it because they bring it to people’s attention in such a great manner. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, just an FYI there might be spoilers in this post.

The underlying plot of the movie is about a rabbit that wanted to become a police officer but the social norm for their world is that predators, such as tigers and cheetahs, become officers. Prey animals, such as rabbits, like Judy Hopps.  Why are predators only cops? Because they are supposed to be the image of the big macho guys that we think of as a police officer. We fear police officers like prey animals fear their predator. I have picked out some of the best underlying lessons that Zootopia teaches kids so lets get right to it. Continue reading

An Open Letter to My Ex-Friends

I found out very quickly that the people I was living with were not the people that I initially thought they were. It consisted of a life of excessive drinking and antidepressants for one part. Everyone knows that that is never a good mix. Words were exchanged and friendships were lost. Do I miss them? Nope, not even one bit. They ignored me for weeks only for me to break down crying on the phone with my mom at 3am. I am 100% sure my mom did not appreciate those calls. I know some people will read this and say “THIS IS BULLSHIT.” But guess what, when you are the one being targeted by three people, you know your own story pretty damn good.

I won’t go into details but when you are being harassed by someone who was supposed to be an authoritative figure to students — a Community Advisor(CA), you tend to feel small and scared. I cried more times from the stress of this situation than I am proud to admit. At this point, I was talking to my “so called” friend’s roommate and we decided that we are just going to live together and get out of the whole mess that we were both in with my “friends”. I am not even ashamed to say that we talked to our Residence Life before my new roommate and I talked to my “friends”. Reslife had no problem approving our room switch because of the circumstances. Thanks RMU Residence Life, you are seriously the best.

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My Main Home Skillet Biscuit

Let’s begin by just saying, keeping in touch with friends from high school is tough. I have managed to keep in touch with only two and that was hard enough as is. After a year of college under my belt, you would think I have it down to a system of how to communicate; but guess what, it is still a challenge.

Everyone has had that one person in their life that they instantly “click” with. The one individual that understands you to the tee. Someone that doesn’t judge you on how weird you are but rather joins you to be precisely as weird, if not weirder.

Having my best friend be a senior in high school while I was just starting my freshman year in college was rough. It was easier because I knew how the high school schedules worked and I knew when she would respond. She understood when I didn’t respond in a timely manner because I was making new friends. Nevertheless, I hadn’t forgotten about her and she knew I wouldn’t. Even if it took me days to respond because I forgot, she understood. Sure it probably irritated her but I tried to never forget — I forgot all the time.

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