“I Love Horses” Phase

The hearts of children are stolen by the infamous Disney horses every time they watch Disney movies. We all know everyone wanted Pegasus to be their best friend when they were younger. Don’t lie, because who wouldn’t want a high five and head-butt giving horse with wings? Not to mention that blue mane and tail is always a conversation starter.


Hercules – Walt Disney Pictures

Can we talk about Maximus for a second? That horse is every girl’s dream horse. He is always there to protect his princess whenever needed. Maximus is a sweet boy with a touch of an edge. When I was younger I had my trusty steed to keep me safe from the danger around me. He was my Maximus but he was also my Pegasus because he gave me the wings to soar and loved to play in the field. However, I didn’t start in the “I love horses” phase. The phase took time to latch on and when it finally hit me, it stuck with me for a while.


Tangled – Walt Disney Animation

Parents probably hope from the time their kids are born to the time they hit three years old that they will not develop a love for horses because the love for horses turns into a long, expensive road ahead of them. Not to mention, the parents probably are already scared of college expenses. Horses are expensive and there is no doubt about it. A 1100lbs. animal sure does cost a lot. Anyone that had a 4-H animal knows those darn charts we had to fill out every year that was a full record of turnout days, ride time, work hours, how much feed, salt intake, etc. per month. I copied the same chart from my 2008 project book until the last one I did in 2013. I COPIED THE SAME THING FOR SIX YEARS! (Oops. I’m not that sorry to be honest!) If anyone thinks I am going no where with this; just keep reading because my point is coming — trust me.

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