September Favorites 2016

The smell of sweet apple spice and leaves falling off the trees is enough to make me rip out my sweaters and wear them all! Welcome to sweater weather everyone! I have a few favorites for the month of September and boy are there some good ones this month.


Oh boy, oh boy was this a tough decision! I have made a lot of recipes while I have been back at school! My roommates like to call me the housewife because I cook and bake so much! (I’m baking pumpkin bread as we speak!) Out of all of the recipes I have tried during  the month of September, Honey Pepper Chicken Mac & Cheese was beyond my favorite!! I found the recipe on Pinterest and figured I would give it a try.

10/10 would recommend it!!


I am a huge country music lover so of course my September favorite is in that genre! Currently, I am loving Old Dominion and their song Song For Another Time from their Meat and Candy album. I also am loving the entire Southern Family album. The entire album really brings country music back to its original roots and everything about it is gold.


As for new, upcoming artists my favorite still stands at Luke Combs with his song Hurricane from his This One’s For You album. This is a guy who knows how to write some great country music from the heart! Plus his Snapchat story always cracks me up! Luke is donating all of the proceeds (downloads and streaming) of his song Hurricane to Habitat for Humanity during this week (October 10th-17th, 2016) due to the devastating hurricane on the East Coast this past weekend.



These are a couple of products that I have absolutely been loving for past the few months; not just September! Makeup is kind of like drugs to me. Its addicting and I must have it. August I splurged a lot on makeup but didn’t actually start using it until September.

Last year I purchased the Boscia B.B. Cream Light Broad Spectrum SPF 27 PA++ ($38) to replace my NARS Tinted Moisturizer. I loved the NARS tinted moisturizer but I was just too pale during the winter months, for the lightest color they offered, so I was forced to switch over. I am so glad I decided to switch over because my skin loves this product! This product, I kid you not, stays put no matter what! I went my first outdoor concert, Thrival Innovation + Music Festival, a couple of weeks ago and the Boscia B.B. cream was an absolute champion! I was disgustingly sweaty and when I left Thrival my makeup still looked pristine–minus my lipstick.


Thrival Festival

Another product I have been obsessed with is the Tarte Rainforest of the Sea ($35) eyeshadow palette. I have been overly obsessed with it this past month. I was always trying something new and I was always getting compliments on it! Nothing like a good compliment for a confidence boost!


I have no shame in saying that I started using fall scents in my room before fall actually started! Since I live in a college dorm, burning candles are a big hell no! I resort to using wax warmers instead! I have so many wax tarts that they will probably last me a lifetime and a half. Most of the tarts are fall or Christmas scents. My absolute favorite at the moment is Mrs. Oates’ Cider Barrel tart. I don’t think anyone understands how much I love the smell of this tart. If you could bottle up all of the scents of fall, this would be it! It is a rustic, spicy apple aroma and it is just perfect!


I recently just started re-watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix. Was it a bad idea? Yes. Do I regret starting a seven season show? Nope. I am preparing myself for the release of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life.


My emotions are so ready to see it. I have not watched this show since I was in middle school. We are talking about a seven-ish year gap of forgetting the show existed. Thinking about the release of new episodes makes me tear up a little bit! Get read for a full review when I watch it!

Thats all I have for this month. Nothing too fancy! More to come for my October favorites. I already have so much to put in next moth’s post!


5 thoughts on “September Favorites 2016

  1. colourthoselips says:

    Love your post! I love country music and will deffinetly check out Luke’s music! It’s awesome that’s his donating his profits!

    Would love for you to check out my latest blog Post x


    • colourthoselips says:

      I just started listening to the song! And love it! Just realised he sings “she got the best of me”! I love that song as well!

      Luke Bryan
      Sam smith
      Florida Georgia line
      Rascal flats
      Are my favourite country singers


      • Sarah Johnson says:

        If you like all of those artists then you will love Luke! I would marry that man if I could! That’s how much I love him and his music! He really brings country back to its roots with the old Brooks & Dunn feel. 10/10 recommend his music.

        Liked by 1 person

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