Why Working Retail Actually Sucks

Summer jobs are always hard to come by; so when you actually nail an interview and get the job you tend to jump on it the moment the employer says they want you. I’ve worked retail since December and let me tell you, I hate it more everyday. I have had experience working in a mall and that job itself was fine, but I hated seeing people I knew all the time. I recently got a new job at a clothing store back in May. I walk into work and pretty much tell myself “This is what Hell looks like.” Not because the job sucks, but rather which person is going to piss me off or what level of boredom I can achieve for the day.


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My job title is sales associate not your personal bitch to yell at. My job description does not include setting product prices or sales. I am simply there to make sure the store is organized, volume pull for any size that isn’t out on the floor, checkout your items for you, clean at the end of a night and help you find something. Seems simple enough right.

To further explain why retail sucks, I’ve roughed up a list for you all.

1. I Can’t Control Prices or Rewards

The computers we use are programmed daily by the company itself; so that means we don’t change the prices of items ourself. Your rewards account is searched by your phone number, address, or name. So if the computer can’t find you it is not my fault. Don’t yell at me because you can’t remember a phone number so I can look you up. Don’t expect me to know your phone number. My brain is not a Rolodex. Don’t even think about giving me a speech on how you feel disturbed  about what is happening because you know what makes me feel disturbed? You standing there on your cell phone makes me disappointed because I could be helping someone else instead of waiting for you to get up from leaning on our counter and texting on your phone to answer a question from me. Don’t even think about giving me that crap. Oh you’re shocked at the total of your purchases when I am done ringing them up? Well funny you say that because you have a phone in your hand, you should have added it up yourself before hand.


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2. Treat Others The Way You Want to Be Treated

Would you back talk to your mother or grandmother the way you did to me? The price doesn’t ring up for what the tag states, you say? DON’T YELL AT ME ABOUT IT. Just mention it. I can easily override the price and it’ll be done in a jiffy. Some people are so rude, offending and disrespectful that it actually makes you break down and cry. You may not see me cry but when you walk out that door all pissed off I am actually trying to hold back the tears from the embarrassment you just put me through in front of all of my coworkers and other customers. The embarrassment you caused wasn’t even my fault, it was your fault for your negligence. It left me looking at my managers confused and saddened with eyes full of tears. I will be forever waiting for your apology but we all know you have a stick too far up your ass to ever apologize to me because you think you are better than me.


Parks and Recreation – NBC


3. You Judge Me Because I Am a Millennial

Please further explain to me as to why my generation sucks. You think I’m here just for a job to spend the money I make on stupid stuff but no, I am here trying to get experience on my resume and also get a college education at the same time. So contrary to your opinion, all of us millennials aren’t horrible. But if you must complain about my generation, have examples and proof to back your shitty opinions up. Remember grandmas and grandpas, a lot of your grandkids are probably millennials too; so don’t offend them the same way you offend me.

4. The Meet & Greet

I don’t want to greet you anymore than you want me to. Lets be honest, no one likes being hounded the moment they open the door to the store. Unless you look confused, I don’t want to ask you if you need help. It’s not because I don’t actually want to approach you, it’s because I think I’m bothering you on your quest to find new clothes.

5. The Customer Is ALWAYS Right

We all know this isn’t true, but when you are the customer you use this to your benefit and boy do you all work the system well. Don’t try to be the douchebag that wants to pick a fight with us. You only raise our temper and our patience goes down. If you decide to blow up and walk out of our store, please do so calmly and don’t yelp if the door hits you on the way out.

6. Shipments Don’t Matter To Me Until I Have to Unbox It

Ask me again for the hundredth time about when we are getting Halloween costumes in while it is still currently July. Halloween is four months away and I’m currently more worried about the other hundred boxes that just got shipped in today for new sets. Please don’t ask me about Halloween until the black cat is creeping around the corner wearing a witch hat.

7. You Ask The Same Questions Over And Over

Again, I don’t care if Walmart has their Halloween costumes out or if Michael’s has their Halloween decor on the floor set already but we don’t have our costumes out yet. I really don’t know when the shipment of costumes is coming in.

8. Coupons

I have no problem with coupons but for Pete’s sake, please do not let me finish the transaction and then tell me you had a coupon to use after the computer has spit out the receipt. Just have them ready, it’s really not that difficult.

9. I Am Not A Dog

I will not, under any circumstance, be your personal bitch for your shopping trip. Put your big boy/girl panties on and shop yourself unless you actually have a legitimate question. No question is stupid; remember that also. I am not here to stand there and listen to you complain about prices or how something is online but isn’t in our store. If you saw it online, please feel free to buy it online because I truly do not care. Ship the package to our store for free. You’ll get the bonus of seeing my gloriously beautiful, fake smiled face when you walk in to pick it up. I only care about what is in my store at the current moment.


I don’t think a lot of people understand how working retail really is. The job, minus working with the public, isn’t bad at all. My coworkers are great and the managers actually care about you. YOU, the public, is what makes retail jobs so bad. You have no idea what is going on in our lives outside of this store. So please be nice to us, we are only trying to do our job. I’m sorry we don’t always have what you want, that is not our fault. I’m sorry that you were raised to be so disrespectful to people and I pray that you didn’t raise your own kids like that and if you don’t have kids I hope you don’t reproduce…..rant mode is now over.


“I’m in the retail business, not the circus business.” – Phillip Green


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