Why Working Retail Actually Sucks

Summer jobs are always hard to come by; so when you actually nail an interview and get the job you tend to jump on it the moment the employer says they want you. I’ve worked retail since December and let me tell you, I hate it more everyday. I have had experience working in a mall and that job itself was fine, but I hated seeing people I knew all the time. I recently got a new job at a clothing store back in May. I walk into work and pretty much tell myself “This is what Hell looks like.” Not because the job sucks, but rather which person is going to piss me off or what level of boredom I can achieve for the day.


Parks and Recreation – NBC

My job title is sales associate not your personal bitch to yell at. My job description does not include setting product prices or sales. I am simply there to make sure the store is organized, volume pull for any size that isn’t out on the floor, checkout your items for you, clean at the end of a night and help you find something. Seems simple enough right.

To further explain why retail sucks, I’ve roughed up a list for you all. Continue reading