Don’t Give Up On Your Dreams

I had a dream once. The best kind of dreams to have are the kind that fall into your hands and you just have it without actually dreaming of it. You realize what you have is the best that it could ever be. The sad part about my dream was I didn’t realize I had it until it was gone.

A horse that has now passed was my dream. Red was the dream I didn’t realize I had until he was gone. He has been gone almost two years now and not one day goes by that I don’t think about that old boy. Red was like the little engine that could.

“I think I can, I think I can.”

He never gave up on me and I never gave up on him. I know that sorrel gelding is walking right beside me every step of the way through my life. If close my eyes and think hard enough I can still feel what his muzzle felt like; it feels like touching the most velvety peach grown in southern Georgia. The wrinkles in-between his nostrils are another story; its like touching a path of pure wisdom. Each line on his nose was another path of his life and experiences. I can imagine running my hand up his head to feel the little cowlick he had in the center of his blaze. I can imagine riding bareback in an open field of wildflowers holding onto a chunk of his mane just like a blanket to a child; I held the mane to make me feel comfortable while galloping along the straightaways. The smell of sweet honeysuckle brings the memories of our trail rides together back into my head at an instant. The feeling of picking his hooves at the end of our ride and the little tuft of hair on his fetlocks tickled my wrist. These are the little things I will never forget. The feeling of pure bliss.

We all have a dream. We hold onto that dream for a long time. Sometimes it fades into the back of your mind but it’s still there. It’s like an annoying little bug that never leaves you and annoys you until you do something about it. Don’t kill your dreams like the bug but rather do something about it. Make them happen. Move that bug to a place so that you can go on with your life and do great things.

Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone to achieve those dreams. The door is there, but you have to go open it yourself; others won’t open it for you. Don’t go out looking for others approvals of your dream because they are YOUR dreams and not someone else’s.

Remember, Walt Disney made his dreams come true. He failed numerous times but look where he is now; or what he made from his dreams more so. Never give up and never say you can’t. Don’t underestimate yourself ever. If you take anything from this post, just remember it all started with a mouse for Mr. Disney.

“I only hope that we don’t lose sight of one thing – that it was all started by a mouse.”                       -Walt Disney


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