Stages Of Leaving College For The Summer

At last, the semester has come to an end. HALLELUJAH! I don’t know about anyone else but I was ready to move my crap out of my dorm room and leave that place for four months. I sent a bunch of my stuff home with my dad days before I was actually done so I actually had enough space to happy dance around my room.

1. Overly excited

You cannot contain yourself because there are literally three days left into the semester and all you want to do it throw papers around and sing WHAT TIME IS IT? SUMMER TIME!


High School Musical – Disney Original

2. Packing up all your shit

Let’s be honest, you don’t care where you put your stuff as long as it makes it back home. Am I right or am I right? My bags were practically buckling at the seams.


Mike and Molly – Warner Bros.

3. Cleaning your shit show of a room

THIS PLACE IS A SHIT HOLE! The time has come to clean your biohazard of a room.


Mrs. Doubtfire – 20th Century Fox

4. Saying your goodbyes for the summer

The only downside to college, most of your friends live hours away, and now you have to say goodbye to them because you are all broke and can’t afford the gas, plane tickets, or train tickets to visit each other.


Friends – Warner Bros.


5. I hate you all, GOODBYE BITCHES!

Realizing you don’t have to see anyone you dislike for months.


The Real Housewives of Atlanta – Bravo TV

6. Actually leaving college

The greatest feeling at the end of the semester is driving off the university knowing you have no academic responsibilities for months. Try not to leave burnout lines on the road when you’re driving away. We know you want to leave.


7. Unpack the past eight months of your life

Now you’re home and only have memories of the past eight months of school packed in boxes. No friends to hang out with 24/7 and actual rules to follow.


I dont watch enough television or Netflix to even remotely know what this is from. Dont judge me.



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