An Open Letter to My Ex-Friends

I found out very quickly that the people I was living with were not the people that I initially thought they were. It consisted of a life of excessive drinking and antidepressants for one part. Everyone knows that that is never a good mix. Words were exchanged and friendships were lost. Do I miss them? Nope, not even one bit. They ignored me for weeks only for me to break down crying on the phone with my mom at 3am. I am 100% sure my mom did not appreciate those calls. I know some people will read this and say “THIS IS BULLSHIT.” But guess what, when you are the one being targeted by three people, you know your own story pretty damn good.

I won’t go into details but when you are being harassed by someone who was supposed to be an authoritative figure to students — a Community Advisor(CA), you tend to feel small and scared. I cried more times from the stress of this situation than I am proud to admit. At this point, I was talking to my “so called” friend’s roommate and we decided that we are just going to live together and get out of the whole mess that we were both in with my “friends”. I am not even ashamed to say that we talked to our Residence Life before my new roommate and I talked to my “friends”. Reslife had no problem approving our room switch because of the circumstances. Thanks RMU Residence Life, you are seriously the best.

After I got a new roommate, the harassing didn’t really stop. But whatever I thought, I can deal with bullying for a little while longer. After a while I could not stand it and I had enough. The tip of the iceberg was when a chair was put in front of our door so when we opened the door we would fall over it. Who put that chair in front of our door? The so called CA. COOL. We are adults right? Apparently this immature CA did not get the memo; and if you’re reading this, you got yourself fired darling. When I saw the chair in front of my door I was furious and I ended up throwing the chair down the stairwell to the 10th floor — yes I went and picked it up and left it on the 10th floor though. I didn’t turn you in for it; someone else did

I used to lock our door with both locks and check it three to four times before I would actually go to sleep at night. Think I am overreacting? I’m not at all actually. A CA has access to a master key to get into every room in the building so naturally I was scared he was going to use his job as a way to harass us to a new level. I lived in fear for weeks. I lived next to people who hated me and wanted me dead or injured. In their own words, they wanted to “Cut a bitch.” OKAY. Next time one of you yell that, don’t do it in your room because I live right next door and we have it on record and turned it into the police.

So here we go, the letter. My time to speak out about what happened this year. MY SIDE; my way.


Dear Ex-Friends,

To be honest, the best thing you could have done is ignore me. When you ignored me you pushed me away and I found new people and better people. Let’s be honest, we were never friends. We were all convenience friends.  A certain one of you lies through your teeth and has lots of people wrapped around your little finger. I caught you in one too many lies and you know I caught you in them too. The next time you want to start spreading rumors that I hate gay people, be more specific; I don’t like YOU. Not liking you does not mean I don’t like gay people. In fact, I have a few gay friends and I love them dearly. What I do hate is insecure morons that spread rumors to only hurt others. To be honest we were never friends we were merely acquaintances that were always around each other. To the not so soft spoken one, if you want to have a party life, be my guest. If you want to be unappreciative of the help I tried to give, then so be it. Just remember, I tried. I don’t remember exactly what I said about you but I can say I really don’t regret it. If it offended you you should have stood your ground and told me. To my old roommate, I never really had a problem with you. Actually I never had a big problem with you. What I did have a problem with is that you complained about me behind my back. Grow a backbone and say it to my face. Complain to me and not others. That’s all I have to say to you. You all are followers rather than leaders and it drives me nuts. What one person does, the rest of you follow. Every time you call the CA on me for too loud of music, I will do the same for you. The tallies add up. I tolerate your music more than you think and guess what, its pretty bad. You probably think my music is pretty crappy but whatever. The main thing I have to say to all of you, we are not in high school anymore. Grow up and be adults. If you go out into the real world the way you act now, you will not survive. I don’t miss you now and I definitely won’t miss you later.


Someone who is better off without you


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