My Main Home Skillet Biscuit

Let’s begin by just saying, keeping in touch with friends from high school is tough. I have managed to keep in touch with only two and that was hard enough as is. After a year of college under my belt, you would think I have it down to a system of how to communicate; but guess what, it is still a challenge.

Everyone has had that one person in their life that they instantly “click” with. The one individual that understands you to the tee. Someone that doesn’t judge you on how weird you are but rather joins you to be precisely as weird, if not weirder.

Having my best friend be a senior in high school while I was just starting my freshman year in college was rough. It was easier because I knew how the high school schedules worked and I knew when she would respond. She understood when I didn’t respond in a timely manner because I was making new friends. Nevertheless, I hadn’t forgotten about her and she knew I wouldn’t. Even if it took me days to respond because I forgot, she understood. Sure it probably irritated her but I tried to never forget — I forgot all the time.


Tables have turned now and I am a sophomore in college while she started her freshman year of college. From that night before she took off to college, I knew our friendship would be tested to the limit. We were placed only a little less than 100 miles away from each other, but every mile meant time away from our inside jokes and laughter.

I know I am DEFINITELY not the first person to write an article about this exact same topic and surely will not be the last. Lots of people try to convince you that their best friend is better than yours and hell no I’m not about to start that fire. I am about to bless your brain with why my best friend is the best friend in the world for me.


This is my best friend and she’s the best. Her name is Brooke and she understands my basic white girl obsessions. My obsessions like crafting and Starbucks. She is the Thomas Rhett to my Brett Eldredge. She accepts my celebrity crush and makes sure I have every update on him! #bestfriendgoals By the way, did everyone see Brett’s latest music video for Lose My Mind? IT IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Anyways back to my BFF.

She doesn’t judge me when I make horrible jokes….ha at least I don’t think she judges me! She’s not afraid to be around my horses even when they slobber on her — essentially they are huge dogs. She’s my main home skillet biscuit and #1 in my book. Thanks for being that one person I knew I could count on.





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