Goodbyes Are Never Easy

I am going to be honest with you all right now, I am currently jamming out to Hunter Hayes song 21 and I have no shame what so ever! On this day of my trip, I got to do something very special and I felt privileged to be trusted. I woke up VERY early that morning to go ride horses on the range with Sue’s son and granddaughters to count cattle head. Yes, I wore a helmet contrary to everyone else. Plus, if I wouldn’t have worn the helmet, my mother would have killed me when I got home!

Before we left, Sue made an amazing breakfast! I knew if I ate too much I would be barfing on the horse soon after I got on! So a light breakfast and we were on our way. I said my goodbyes to Sue until the Rotary meeting that afternoon. Her son and grandkids and I were off. I’m not used to walking outside in the backyard for about 70 yards and having the horses right there. At home, I am used to having to drive 7 miles out to the barn. Walking out the back door of Sue’s house was far easier than the drive at home! I was handed a huge horse named Bones. I got to ride this beast for a few hours. We loaded up the trailer and headed off to the first field to count the cattle.

Let me start by saying, I am used to a 15.1hh and a 15.2hh horse. Not, 15.3+hh! I am not that tall and it is very difficult to mount from the ground on a tall horse! Riding a ranch horse is so much different from a show horse. This ride was rough and not very collected compared to my smooth rocking horse moving show horse at home! It took a bit of time and effort to adjust to it! Bones however was a trusting horse to ride. I had no problem taking off on him once I was used to his gaits.IMG_1578_Fotor

If you ride horses like me, you will know that this is the best view in the entire world to an equestrian!

After we were done counting cattle at a few different locations, Mike dropped me off at Sue’s office in town. Sue had brought my luggage with her and soon after I had gotten to her office we were off to the final family I would be staying with. The drive practically around the corner of town. When we pulled up, it was a grand house set behind some beautiful land. I was greeted by a cheery woman with a smile as big as the moon on her face. Oh and you can’t forget her beyond lovable bulldog Jughead! I wish I had photos of this beasty boy but sadly at that point, my camera’s batteries were dead and I had forgotten to charge them the night before.

There was NO time to make myself look even partially presentable to the Rotary meeting at the Commons Building in town that afternoon so, guess who went to the meeting in a crappy ass t-shirt, jeans, and dirty cowboy boots? This girl! I had no makeup on and probably looked like a zombie but that it okay because I had a valid excuse! To see all of the people who I stayed with and met throughout the week, all together, was great. I got to share the memories from the entire week, that I will have forever, with all of them. I played a slideshow of all 829 photos I took during the week. I got some laughs especially at the M.T. Liggett photos! I could not wrap up a simple “Thank you” to the rotary club because it was far from simple.

After the meeting was over, I hugged the people who meant so much to me goodbye. Marilyn and I went downstairs to the soda fountain and every memory of my week flushed into my head instantly. My week started at the soda fountain with Lisa and it was ending at the soda fountain with Marilyn. Without a warning, tears were rolling down my face of happiness and sadness because I did not want to leave but in the end I knew I had to go home.

The rest of the day was a lounge around and relax; get to know Marilyn a little bit. Marilyn’s husband Robin cooked steaks on the grill and when the sun started setting we made s’mores. It was a great day with some mixed feelings but in the end I was happier than I had ever been.

One day left. One day of 9 days of straight blogging left. Tomorrow is the epitome of all emotions for me but it is so worth it to write about!


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