To Infinity AND BEYOND!

I couldn’t help but use that quote for my title today! It was too perfect not to use! If we remember in one of my last posts, I mentioned I am not a morning person whatsoever. That is okay though right? I mean these families had me doing stuff all day, everyday and it got tiring! Let’s note in I set four alarms and I still somehow managed to sleep through every single one of them! WOWZERS. More like whoops. It was nearly noon by the time I woke up and I think I was concerning Geneva quite a bit because she yelled down to see if I was okay! Just stupid me sleeping through every alarm!

After I rushed to get ready, I headed over to Mark’s house to see what the plans were for the day and he said he was going to take me to the Cosmosphere but first, we went to lunch. We went to a sort of fast food yet sort of local place called Hog Wild Pit BBQ. I have never had pulled pork as good as that day. I really do not understand what they do different out there with meat but oh my gosh, it is mouth watering!

After lunch we headed over to the Cosmosphere. I had no flipping idea what a Cosmosphere was until I got there and saw a huge ass rocket outside. It is not everyday you see a huge piece of what once was part of a rocket outside of a building! The Cosmosphere is a world class space museum and is home to many different pieces of history such as the Apollo 13, Liberty Bell, Blackbird SR-71 spy plane, a Sputnik, a flown Vostok spacecraft, and space suits and tools that have been on the moon.  It is the 2nd largest collection of US space memorabilia and the largest collection of Russian space memorabilia outside of the former Soviet Union.

I am going to get this out there now, I really do not know much about space stuff but, it is really cool. I cannot really explain a lot of the stuff in that museum so instead I will show you photos! I can explain some of them, but a lot of this stuff I have no idea what it is, or even where to start to look on Google to find out what it is!untitle_Fotor_CollageWhen you walk into the Cosmosphere, you are hit with (not literally!) a huge plane and a rather large spaceship. It is all a bit overwhelming but that was only the beginning of what you are about to see. I honestly have no idea what the actual names of these were but they were pretty darn cool!

The Glamorous Glennis however, I do know a little bit about this. Built in 1947, this Bell X-1 defied all odds, or as it said on the placard “A Human Boundary Destroyed”. This plane was was the first to fly faster than the speed of sound because of its rocket engine. Amazing right? It flew at an average speed of 700 MPH and an altitude of 43,000 feet. Truly amazing engineering. The plane was named after the designers wife in tribute of her.


As you walk through, you will eventually get to what looks like a wall of graffiti but it is actually The Berlin Wall. It was the last piece of wall removed from Germany. However, the chunk had to be split for transportation.IMG_5623_Fotor


The other part that I thought was really cool was the photography section. There was an entire case of cameras through the years that have gone to space. You can see below that the case is packed full of cameras of all types! The ceiling was designed to look like film strips running back and forth with photos of space and astronauts on them.IMG_5639_Fotor IMG_5641_Fotor

Of course, like every other place I’ve had the opportunity to go, I headed to the gift shop for probably something stupid but it will bring back great memories. WRONG! I am a bit of a coffee addict in the winter and when I saw the perfect coffee mug I snatched it up faster than the Glamorous Glennie took off. IMG_4001

It was a solid glossy black mug with a beautiful galaxy image that wrapped around the walls of the mug and bottom! But of course I think it is too pretty to use so, it sits on the top shelf in my bedroom right next to the train ornament that I forgot to put on the tree this past Christmas. I also got a few pins thinking I could start a pin collection of places I’ve traveled. Sounds like a good idea right? Good idea in theory until you realize you only have two pins and have to wait until you go somewhere else to get more! This collection might take a while!

After the Cosmosphere we went back into downtown Hutch to see Mark’s toy store. He owns and runs Toy Depot in Hutchinson and it is a MUST see if you ever get a chance to go. He let me pick out a small toy tractor form his shop and no matter how simple that toy looks, it might possibly be my favorite. Even if you don’t want any vintage toys/collectables, just go to see his train collection! He truly has an eye for being creative! IMG_5653_Fotor IMG_3998

That evening, Mark and Geneva took me to a restaurant that has left me begging for it again all year long. This restaurant is in Yoder, KS and I have no words to describe this place. The last thing I imagined myself at was in Amish and Mennonite country in Kansas. Yoder was the epitome of the center-point for the Amish and Mennonite communities. We have some Pennsylvania Dutch Mennonite here in Westmoreland county but not nearly enough to have buggy crossing signs around like in Yoder. I was told Carriage Crossing was run by the Amish and was open to the public. I have never, in my entire life, had this great of a meal. This was better than my aunts sweet potato casserole with the candied pecans on the bottom at Thanksgiving dinner. If I could choose my last meal, it would be the meal I had at Carriage Crossing. I have been hardcore craving this meal for exactly a year now. I can pretty much smell the Chicken Fried Chicken smothered in brown gravy with fried sweet potato wedges and applesauce on the side. Oh and that delectable piece of pumpkin pie with the ever so fluffy dollop of whipped cream on top! I was in a food coma that night. It was a bad food coma. If you don’t know what a food coma is let me briefly explain. A food coma is when you eat so much food all you can do is not move and if you do you feel like you might barf. You also get really sleepy so, guess who got a great nights sleep that night? This girl right here!

With our bellies full, we went back to Hutch to play some Space Invaders and Ms. Pacman in Mark’s game-room. I’ve never been a lover of video games but arcade style is always so much fun to play! This was my last night in Hutch so I ended up staying up pretty late repacking my devil of a suitcase. With the extra stuff to pack now, my suitcase really didn’t like me but hey, it buffed out!

On this note, I loved Hutchinson as a whole. It was busy enough and there was so much to do and see. Honestly, you could make a week trip out of Hutchinson. The salt mine, I could have spent two days exploring and I probably would do the Safari Hike down there if I ever go out again! I would definitely take a friend with me next time just so they can do the stuff with me!


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