Eight Second Ride

Day two of seven is about to be conquered! Yesterday I wrote about my travels to Kansas and I forgot something that baffled me on the plane ride. Time changes. It was my first time experiencing a time change so, to see my phone stay on 2 pm for two hours was wicked and kind of confusing! I recently just discussed this with a friend and we both shared the same shock. This is why we are friends! I’m not a morning person, nor will I ever be a morning person — ever. I WOKE UP AT 5:36 A.M. This was not okay!! I was just too eager to see this place in the daylight! I looked out the window saw the sun starting to rise then I went back to sleep until about 10 a.m. This was it; the start of something new in my life. There is something special about waking up in a home with three rambunctious, heartwarming, and loyal dogs. Zip, the dominant and proud dog he was, sadly passed away this year due to a heart condition. He was such a welcoming dog the night I got there. IMG_5241 Dottie the sweet, quiet one. Her big brown eyes truly told a story when she looked at you. It was almost as if they looked straight into your soul. I carried her around the house like a baby whenever I could! IMG_5246 Zeke is the playful, willing dog that would play for however long you would allow him to! He didn’t care if they toys were beat up and broken as long as he has someone to throw the toy for him. We played fetch for close to an hour that day. At this point, I finally got to truly meet the woman that greeted me the night before. Lisa was so welcoming and cheerful that morning. She suggested that we go for a tour of Greensburg and the surrounding area. Being born and raised in Western PA has me exposed to nothing but hills and mountains. So to see for miles on the flat land was breathtaking; even if it was all farmland. The day was sort of dreary and rainy but it didn’t matter to me! Lisa took me to the local boutique, Turquoise Ranch, to have a bit of shopping fun! I found possibly the cutest infinity scarf I have ever seen before and want at least one two more. It took a lot of willpower to leave that store without spending too much! Next stop was the local stained glass shop called Studio 54. Studio 54 recently moved to McPherson, KS. The amount of time that Scott has put into every piece he’s made is absolutely astonishing. I still wish I would have gotten one of the sunflower plates in the shop! Check out their Facebook page too! We also stopped at the local fabric shop; A FABRIC SHOP!? IT WAS BEAUTIFUL! If you know me well enough, you would know I love to sew. A small town has a fabric shop but my Greensburg doesn’t have squat. I was very jealous! Our last stop was at the Kiowa County Museum & Soda Fountain for a drink at the historical soda fountain. With some help from the Kiowa County Historical Museum website I refreshed my memory as to what Lisa had told me about this place. When the tornado hit in 2007, it destroyed everything in the town but the S.B. Robinson building in town. The Soda Fountain was in the old Hunter Drug store in town before it got destroyed. The soda fountain was saved by the demolition crews and then it was sent off to be restored. The soda fountain was then donated to Kiowa County Historical Society and is open, in the Kiowa County Commons Building, everyday for people to come by and have a nice cold drink and some ice cream! We went back to the house for lunch and then Greg came home so I finally got to know him a bit! They both told me at that point that we are going to a rodeo that evening in Pretty Prairie. I was stoked, let me just tell you that! After lunch Greg went back to work; Lisa and I spent some time together at the house. As I looked around the house I noticed something different that houses back home. The walls were thicker and there weren’t many personal items or photos hung up. Later on Lisa explained that there isn’t a lot of that stuff on the walls incase a tornado comes through again. It all made sense then. The walls of the house were thicker because they were made of concrete blocks. The way it was explained to me was concrete lego blocks! I’ve done a bit of research lately, and those concrete lego houses are called ICF. To break it down, insulated concrete forms. Waaaaa? Yes, I said it right! I think I get a pat on the back for remembering that! Lisa continued to show me photos from the storm and clean up. There were a couple books written about Greensburg tornado too that I also got to look at. And at one moment, it just proved I loved Lisa even more! She had an entire room dedicated to quilting! Visualize a shocked emoji face in your head! that was my face! Lisa was a beautiful quilter! Later that evening we took our journey to Pretty Prairie. I don’t have many photos from this night because it poured but I have a few that I took on my phone!IMG_1478 We picked up their son along the way and he was just as nice as his parents! I will admit, you don’t know how to take someone if the first thing they ask you is “What’s your opinion on Obama?” I hoped I said the right thing and sure enough I did. Like I said, it rained and rained and rained some more. The horses out there were obviously different. We aren’t used to big working horses around here; more so performance horses. In the midwest, you have real work horses that do something rather than being a trophy horse for showing. I feel like Greg and I definitely could relate with horses. He has a love for them as do I. It was very cool to spend time with another fellow rider especially at a rodeo! By the end of the night, the ran had soaked through my hoodie and the water had dripped down my back and going towards my pants. It was a very attractive look I’d say. NOT! Not to mention, I had to pee like a racehorse. As the clock quickly turned to midnight and had finally gotten home that night, we were all cold and ready for a nice hot shower. That night, I fell asleep faster than when Rapunzel hit Flynn Ryder with a frying pan in Tangled!


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