Better Late Than Never

Throughout the year lots of people set goals and let’s be honest, lots of the time the goals last a few weeks then dwindle down to nothing. Last summer I had really hoped to complete my blogging goal while I was on my trip to one of the fly over states but, of course, I failed. Why you ask? Because wifi. That’s my only excuse. Two days of no wifi and I was not willing to splurgeon my phone data for two days. I thought, “I can live without it right?” Answer was yes, yes I can. Want proof? I am typing this blog today, a year later so boom.

So in a year I’ve traveled out west, came home to find out that a horse that was very close to my heart passed away, started college, almost failed a class, experienced Wheatley Hell wind, did the typical college student thing and accidentally burnt a bag of popcorn in my room, finished 10 years of 4-H, had two insane roommates, visited one roommate at the psychiatric ward in Sewickley Hospital, made friends that I never thought I would have, experienced having a boyfriend and broke up with said boyfriend, walked/ran 100 miles knowingly/willingly over a course of the semester just to get a t-shirt, ate more shitty food than I thought I ever would, went to my first Pittsburgh Penguins game and sat in club seats during a playoff game, walked around campus at 3am, lost track of the number of pranks I pulled, dropped my phone in the toilet….in clean water, spilled coffee, tea, and soda on my Macbook at different occasions by accident, hosed my phone off by accident while washing a car (all technology lived), got addicted to Starbucks Peppermint White Mochas (JUST CALL ME BASIC!), craved Carriage Crossing food in Yoder for a year…still craving it to this moment –chicken fried chicken with sweet potato wedges and homemade cinnamon applesauce and a slice of pumpkin pie!–, cooked the entire Christmas dinner for the family, watched my Colonials make it into March Madness and then the entire campus go crazy afterwards, lost one of the most influential 4-H leaders I’ve ever had to cancer, participated in Relay For Life, finished the last math class of my entire life, learned to haul a horse trailer, and have been exposed to some awesome new cultures. The list could go on forever I think but that’s all for now!

Let’s start at the beginning of my year from when I wanted to blog everyday for a week…and failed. Every year, Greensburg Rotary Club 5228 in PA teams up with Greensburg Rotary Club 1584 in KS. Two students from KS came out here for a few weeks while I went out there for one week. Early in 2014, I was chosen by my Interact Club faculty advisor to go on an exchange trip to Greensburg, KS. I had known about the exchange since the summer of 2014 but never really thought much of it. I never in a million trillion years thought I would get chosen for something like this. Apparently, I had all my ducks in a row and was doing things right in life! The teacher that asked me to go on the trip stopped me in the middle of a class change and asked me. I was a little more excited than I should have been! However, this was something that I had to truly convince my mom on. July 16th, 2014; the day I hopped on a flight to go to one of the most amazing fly over states in United States. Well that’s my opinion anyways! If you don’t know what a fly over state is, just let me explain. The fly over states are those states that no one really visits but rather flies over in a big jet plane going from coast to coast. It’s that piece of the United States that is a hidden treasure. Every single person I met was a gem. The roads are straighter than a pin and smooth as a baby’s bottom. How can Kansas can have such smooth roads and yet Pennsylvania can have potholes the size of Texas still ponders in my mind!IMG_1459_Fotor

Chicago was beautiful from what I saw through the windows while running through the concourses before I almost missed the connecting flight! While on the plane ride, from Chicago to Wichita, I couldn’t help but wonder if the families I would be staying with would like me. Would it be awkward to start conversations with these people? Would I stand out in such a small town? So many thoughts ran through my head all at once. Once that plane hit the ground, that’s when the nerves set in. It wasn’t a queasy kind of nerves though. It was those excited nerves that you only get on Christmas Eve anticipating what you will get from Santa. I was excited to see this new place that I have never seen or experienced before. You know what I wanted when I got there? SHEETZ. SHEETZ. SHEETZ. #eastcoatsprobs

Meeting someone at 11-ish-pm isn’t always the best first impression when you look like a mess and you feel disgusting from being around so many people and breathing recirculated air for hours in a flying metal boat in the sky. Put it this way, I was just excited to be somewhere to take a shower. But when I got there, I got greeted by a dog. Not a small dog but not a big dog. A medium-sized fluffy creature approaching me barking while I get my suitcases out of the car. Then the door opens and I see a man walk out the door followed by a woman. These were two very welcoming people, who probably did not expect to have their visitor arrive at the fast approaching midnight. Put it this way, when the clock strikes 12, I couldn’t have looked any more worn down than I already was. A new day is a new start and that’s when I hoped to get to know these people.

After I finished taking a shower, I opened the bathroom door to that fluffy barking dog that once greeted me an hour earlier, Zip, laying on the floor with a toy ready to play when I was done. Sorry bud but sleep was much more important at this time than playing!


SIDENOTE: See that suitcase in the back of the photo also? That’s the devil suitcase that didn’t like when I didn’t pack everything in it right! That suitcase literally became my bitch for a week!

A new day was waiting for me that next day. An adventure has started that changed my life forever. Follow my blog as I go on this blogging journey that I’d like to call my life!


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